Wednesday, June 6, 2012


I have a rather decent collection of games on my shelves, for all sorts of platforms, in all sorts of genres. I've never been one to avoid games based on genre alone; usually I'll enjoy anything if it's done pretty well.

Something I noticed, however, is that there seems to be a gap in the coverage of games. A lot of the friends I talk to either like the really old stuff (pre 1995) or the quite modern stuff (post 2005), but don't care as much for the games in that decade between, and there's a lot of games in this time period in my collection that I feel deserve to be mentioned. I don't plan to stick to this era strictly, and I'll probably focus on stuff that is now rather obscure, because everybody has heard enough about those mega popular beasts like Diablo 2 and Half-Life, but hopefully some of these games may be of interest to somebody else out there!

I'll also try to make sure I keep the genres fairly well shuffled, so you don't get bored reading about the 20th city building sim in a row. Rather than doing contemporary reviews with scores, I merely wish to give a simple impression of the games I play. A lot of these I've never played before, and am only just playing for the first time as I write about them, so I've probably not played them all the way through. Hopefully it still provides a decent bit of insight!

Thanks for checking out Semi-Nostalgic, and I hope you'll enjoy the ride as I play my way through forgotten games that I always wanted to play as a teenager but never could afford to. I've got quite a few games I'd like to cover, and my collection is always growing, so stick around to see what I come up with next.


  1. I enjoy games from every time frame, locking yourself down into one era seems a bit silly to me. Doing that only means you miss out on the new great games or the old great games, you still have to deal with the bad games either way.

  2. Darth Helmet: Absolutely, and I love playing both newer games and older games than this time frame. I find, however, that people don't often discuss the games from those time periods, so I want to talk about those games here. As I said, though, I will not be sticking to this era strictly.

    Gnome: I hope you find some enjoyment among these pages!

  3. I think a lot of bad games came out during this time, bad FMV games and the like. It was a turning point for graphics and the like too leading to bad implementation. Can leave a bad taste in peoples mouths. Other people are just so stuck in the era they love they leave a gap in fear of what might be found in it. (Of course this is just opinion is most likely bullcrud.)

  4. Nobody would deny that there were plenty of awkward games around this time. But there were also some *gems*!